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July 25- August 4. 2008

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Dear Friends & Family:

I am preparing to embark on my very first mission’s trip with my church, Grace Church in Eden Prairie, MN, on July 25th – August 4th to Lima, Peru and I am EXCITED!
I will be traveling with about 300 people from my church & other local churches  – from youth to seniors – to encourage our sister church in Lima – the Callao Church – which the church has been partnering with for about 8 years. 

Each day we will be doing a different ministry – either to children’s orphanages, street evangelism, women’s prisons, etc.  In the evening we will all gather in the local stadium and conduct a music, drama, and evangelical program with a festival feel.  We have a young man that will be riding a unicycle, another family doing magical tricks, and clowns!  Some of the young people will be doing a puppet show,  while our Praise Choir will be singing.  We also have a medical team that will being doing primary care, plastic surgery, cardiac, and audiology medical procedures. 

Our church is praying that this will turn Lima upside down in their view of their faith and challenge many to make a decision for Christ – a decision for eternity.

I am traveling with 3 friends from my small women’s prayer group – Nan, Jeanne, & Tess, who will be my roommate as well some friends from our Sunday School class – Deb & Gail. I will be including updates that include them as well.

Trip Objectives:

  1. Exalt Jesus Christ in everything we do
  2. Encourage Peruvian believers in the Callao Church (we come as servants)
  3. Evangelism! Everyone who goes to have the privilege of leading at least one person to the Lord.
  4. Equipping and training our people for ministry both before and after the trip.

Please join us in prayer as we journey to Lima, Peru!

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